Thursday, March 06, 2008

Weather, Temp, Rainfall

Jan-May In Jan and Feb, it is quite cold as it is considered winter. Besides this, there are often rain especially during the 'plum season'. The rain usually lets up around late March - early Apr so this window of time is good to go but from 29/3 to 4/4 is considered the golden week in taiwan so expect to compete with the locals going vacationing. Also, there is the said children's day and tombsweeping. If you book early, you should be ok. Rainy season starts to come in late May so it might not be wise to go then. Jun-Sept Disadvantages to travelling in Taiwan during the summer: (1) More bugs, insects, and mosquitoes. (2) Risk of dengue fever. (3) High UV index. (4) Higher risk of dehydration (5) Typhoon season Taipei is very hot as it is in a valley surrounded by mountains that create quite a heat sink. Unlike Singapore, which is an island, there is no light breeze in Taipei to cool the city despite the heat so the city is dry and hot. Oct-Dec is good time to go. Weather not too hot or cold. A light cardigan will do the trick and little rainfall. Also, because of the cooler weather, there are less bugs and mosquitos if you are travelling into forested areas. advise from taiwanese friend

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